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Who Are We?

Clube de Jovens Europeus was born in 2017, with a clear focus on youth and its personal and professional development.

We promote intercultural dialogue between young people of all 4 corners of Europe, organizing trainings, youth exchanges and other events that promote European values.

With the aim of fostering the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and information, CJE is dedicated to projects that want to break barriers. Whether physical, like borders, or mental, like attitudes. We connect young people to different cultures and experiences, raising their awareness to the modern possibilities for a better life.

We move forward proudly knowing our path has been the right one. There is still a lot to learn, to grow and to make a bigger impact on the life of youth and communities. And this way we continue:

To Europe and Beyond!

Our Activities


Our Projects

Here are some of our ongoing projects and activities.
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Past Projects

We have implemented several projects in the past few years. From small trips to Youth Exchanges and trainings under Erasmus+ Program, we have been generating impact in the lives of young people in Portugal and Europe.

Past Projects

Projects where we have been active partners in the past few years

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