Project Description

  • Topic: Motoric Skills and Active lifestyle

  • Dates: 2nd to 13th of September, 2021

  • Location: Pocuvadlo, Slovakia

  • Partners: Ifjusagi Nomad Klub (HU), Iniciativa Mladych (SK), Four Links (CZ)

Due to lack of physical exercises, young people have lower performance at school and at work. Practicing motoric skills improves memory, focus and self-control, which translates into increased academic/at work performance. Sport is one of most effective unifying language that can cross intercultural and interracial borders.

Learning how to set personal goals rather than competing increases tolerance and understanding towards people with different physical capacities, towards diversity in general.

Let’s Move it

“Let’s Move It” is a youth exchange organized by CJE in partnership with Ifjusagi Nomad Klub, from Hungary, Iniciativa Mladych, from Slovakia and Four Links, from Czech Republic. It is funded by the Portuguese National agency “Erasmus+ Juventude em Ação” under the Erasmus+ Programme. During this project 56 young participants and 11 group leaders will gather in Pocuvadlo, Slovakia to develop competences in Motoric Skills and positive attitudes towards active lifestyles.

What’s our Goal?

The main goals of “Let’s Move It” are to increase motoric skills of 56 participants from Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia as an alternative way to raise level of their physical activity and to introduce motoric skills as a powerful tool to enhance their memory, focus, concentration, self-confidence, self-control and other competences.

A video of our latest project in Pocuvadlo, a quick peak of what to expect.

If you wanna learn some valuable skills, if you want to become more active in your life, if you would like to meet other young people from around Europe and enjoy a wonderful time in the beautiful mountains of Slovakia apply now.