“Crossing the Chasm”

Pocuvadlo, Slovakia  •   November 4 to 15, 2018

Young people from rural areas or more isolated communities, don’t always have the access to meet and know people from other countries. This “isolation” leads to feelings of mistrust in foreigners or low levels of tolerance and interaction skills with people from other cultures. Information about Erasmus+ programme and opportunities to participate in intercultural environments is relatively low, as well as the level of proficiency in foreign languages.

Crossing the Chasm

“Crossing the Chasm” was a youth exchange organized by CJE in partnership with Innovus from Slovakia. It was funded by the Portuguese National agency “Erasmus+ Juventude em Ação” under the Erasmus+ Programme. During this project 48 young participants and 8 group leaders from Portugal and Slovakia gathered in Pocuvadlo to develop their competences and shape their attitudes towards intercultural Dialogue.

Project’s goal

The goal of our project was to develop competences, abilities and knowledge in the field of intercultural understanding for 48 young people facing fewer opportunities (economic, geographical and social obstacles) and 8 group leaders. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with people from other country and travelling abroad, allowed for young people to practice their Foreign language skills in a real life scenario.

  • Topic: Intercultural Dialogue

  • Dates: November 4 to 15, 2018

  • Location: Pocuvadlo, Slovakia

  • Partners: Innovus (SK)

Recap video of our project

Testimonials from participants, namely Alice Mota and Teacher Henrique Gonçalves from Escola Secundária Cunha Rivara in Arraiolos, about their experience in the project and the importance this type of initiatives has in the future of a young person as well as in the future of a united and cohesive Europe.

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