The project Cool Collaboration II is born from a growing need to adjust to the ongoing trend of digitalization. Its aims are clear: To raise the level of digital competences of partners’ youth workers. Feed and exponentiate the work already done during Cool Collaboration. And to democratize the access to digital tools, by making them simple and accessible to other organizations / youth workers.

The main goal is to improve the quality of youth work, its efficiency and the capacity of the organizations to manage and implement Erasmus+ Projects.

The project is co-funded by the European Union through the Portuguese National Agency – AgĂȘncia Nacional Erasmus+ Juventude/Desporto Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade


  • Increase readiness of youth workers to address digital transformation and utilize online project management tools by raising their overall digital skills to above basic level.
  • Digitalize youth work by configuring existing digital project management and collaboration tools Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 according to needs and projects partner organizations implement.

  • Develop simplified digital project management procedures for young people enabling them to manage and organize projects.


Through the implementation of Cool Collaboration II, the consortium behind this project and its youth workers will have a more digitalized approach to youth work being willing to experiment and explore digital opportunities instead of being skeptical about it.

The digital project management and collaboration tools, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 will be configured and integrated in the youth work of all partners assuring most youth workers digitalize their tasks or manage them digitally.

The guide “Simplified Digital Project Management and Collaboration procedures” will allow for more young people as well as other NGOs to better organize projects through the use of digital procedures and tools increasing their active participation.


Collaboration was formed by 4 partners from PT, HU, SK and CZ who face similar problems and needs.


As part of this project we will be organizing two trainings aimed at raising the digital competences of our youth workers and one blended mobility where young people will learn more about the digital skills they need to create and implement successful international projects.

There will be 4 transnational meetings taking place where we will take care of the management of the project and preparation of activities as well as working together to build the tools.

Power Apps II

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