New Media in Youth Work


THE PROJECT Nowadays, the nature in which digital youth work is done varies largely between organizations and depends many times on individual youth workers and their skill level. This means there is no unified approach to new media and how to make the most of it for achieving youth goals and [...]

Cool Collaboration


THE PROJECT In current time NGOs and youth work face more challenges than ever – partnerships and teamwork are spread throughout the whole Europe and further, main communication with partners is online through collaborative tools, with young people through social media. Common project management practices are not enough for efficient work (especially [...]

Let’s Move it


Topic: Motoric Skills and Active lifestyle Dates: 2nd to 13th of September, 2021 Location: Pocuvadlo, Slovakia Partners: Ifjusagi Nomad Klub (HU), Iniciativa Mladych (SK), Four Links (CZ) InfoPack Due to lack of physical exercises, young people have lower performance at school and [...]

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